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Monday, November 30, 2009

ZoZo - A True Ouija Story

Warning: Do Not Attempt To Reenact Any Of These Events. The Power Of A Ouija Board Is Very Strong And Can Be Very Very Dangerous. Please, Do NOT Play With Spirits.

ZoZo – “A True Ouija Story”
Written and Published By: Alexander E. Ryken

“If You Would Have Seen The Things I’ve Seen Tonight, You Would Believe Me When I Tell You, There Is No God” – Alex Ryken

Note: The following events described in this book are 100% true. Don’t end up this way. If you are thinking about purchasing or making your own Ouija board, please, read this book before you make your choice. If you read it and are not completely convinced, then dare to try it yourself. I highly recommend you do NOT buy this “Game” if that’s even close to what you would call it.
Disclaimer: all of these events recorded are true. You may NOT sell this book without permission from me.
“I believe the dead walk the earth, I believe that they could be either good or evil, I have seen proof, and I have captured proof of spirits. I do not believe a simple game has the power to harness these beings, and I do not believe your hands can feed them energy to communicate. I do believe in god, and I do believe in the devil. If you guys say that I can talk to the dead with this game, then let me give it a try” – Alex Ryken

ZoZo – that right there is a name that I refuse to say out loud anymore. Things change in people’s lives, I do believe that. But to change in the ways that I have seen just seems un-human.

A couple years back I was fascinated with ghosts and spirits. Outside of my town there was a house that was deemed haunted by the general public. My friends and I had heard so many bizarre stories about that house that I just had to see it for myself. The only problem was that every story we seemed to hear was different in some way or another. We didn’t know what to believe, and so, we ventured out to the house to see what all the fuss was.

“I am not going in there” – Tad

That was one thing I distinctly remember him saying. So, we left the house and didn’t enter. My curiosity grew however and I wanted to see what it was all about. So I grabbed my digital camera, my video camera, and an audio recorder. My Team and I proceeded to drive to the house.
The first time there we heard strange noises coming from upstairs when we were downstairs and then when we went upstairs, the noises were downstairs. Nothing was caught on video, picture, or audio though. This time.
We continued to go out there, every night, every week. It was like a drug I couldn’t shake, and I loved every second of it. One night when we were out there we made a right turn from the front door which lead us to the kitchen. The glass was broken out of the windows and just for laughs I took a picture of the window. We got cold.

“im getting cold” – Kyle

That was what my friend Kyle said. Right after his voice we heard another voice saying “I aint doing it”. I didn’t think nothing of it until a few weeks ago in September of 09, but why on earth would any one of us say “I aint doing it”?
Anyway, we sat there and just listened. We heard a loud knock in the other room, and my friend Drew distinctively asked

“Is anyone there?” – Drew

We heard nothing. We waited a few second and I got fed up.

“HELLO?!” – Alex Ryken

And what we received in return to my remark changed my life forever. You see, normally, I didn’t believe in this whole ghost thing. I needed proof, and after hearing what I heard, I turned into a believer right then and there.

“Hello” – Little girl voice

Drew started freaking out and we didn’t know why. He said “did anyone else hear that?!”. I replied back with “what?”. He told me to play the tape back and plain as day, I heard this…voice. Easily none of our voices because we didn’t have a girl in our group at the time. It was a girl voice, that sounded very very young. And it made sense when we did some research and found out that a little girl died of cancer inside that house.
Going home that night, I was changed, in yet, I wanted more. I was a ghost junking on a one way train ride to a mental breakdown. The only problem was I didn’t know it yet.
I got home and looked at all the pictures, I remember taking over 100 of them. “Nothing, nothing, nothing…what the hell?”
I got to one of the last photos on the camera. Do you remember when I told you I took a picture of the kitchen window? That’s the picture. I couldn’t make out anything at that moment, all I say was a darker blue color in the bottom left of the window, but what was it?
The next day I brought the camera to school and decided in my study hall I would look at the picture, try to debunk it. But what I found wasn’t debunking at all, it turned out to be physical evidence. It was what I was looking for the whole time. Real, honest to god proof.
There, staring in the window right back at me, was a man. The blue in the bottom right turned out to be his lower body, but upon reviewing the photo further, I noticed a torso, a face, and not 5, but 10 fingers. What was weird about the fingers is you could make out and tell that he was pressing his hands against the window. The funny thing was the glass was broken out of the window.
The video evidence was even better. One night we were upstairs and we were in the girls bed room. Kyle went out into the hall way, looked both ways and then returned into the room. The crazy thing was, as soon as he stepped back in the room, a black shadow seemed to reach around the corner. I remember looking at my video camera screen and seeing it and asking

“guys, who is in the hallway?” – Alex Ryken

They replied that nobody was, and we all rushed out to see. Sure enough, there was nothing or nobody there. They asked me why I asked and I showed them the video.
We always wanted to go back. We would if the house still stood. The town tried to burn it down three times, however, it wouldn’t burn. The fire would start and burn bright, but in the morning it was out and the house still stood. They finally dug a hole and knocked it into the ground. The house is now buried in a corn field they planted over the property. How ironic that the corn is dead where the house once stood.
But what does this have to do with ZoZo?
If it wasn’t for that house, I wouldn’t have the fascination with spirits that I did, and I wouldn’t have even been tempted to go out and buy a Ouija board and try it out for myself.
This is my story, I don’t think you can handle this….

Chapter 1: Let’s play Ouija

“Paranormal Activity is one of the scariest movies out there” – some commercial on TV.
What a crazy movie! Has anyone that is reading this seen it? It’s a documentary style movie that makes you think it is 100% real! One of my friends, my girlfriend and I went to see this movie the week after it came out. I was a bit skeptical at first, because I don’t scare easy, I’ll tell you that right now. After seeing this movie I was literally SHAKING! It was sooo bad ass that it made me want to start ghost hunting again.
It was a Tuesday night. I had skipped class cause I was excited to see the movie (I normally DO skip class, but that’s beside the point). And after the movie I just wanted to search for ghosts in any way that I could! There is a road about eight miles out from my apartment that is supposedly “Haunted” and I wanted to check it out so BAD!

(Side Note: My Friend: Theresa … My Girlfriend: Jen)

Since Theresa wouldn’t take us, I sat at my computer and began searching. I couldn’t find anything around the Sioux Falls area to investigate, and then it hit me. My research brought my thoughts back a few years to a simple little “game” we used to play during get-togethers and Super Bowl parties.

“Let’s go buy a F****** Ouija Board….” – Alex Ryken

I remember it so vividly. They both agreed with what seemed to be a happy excited tone. We searched high and low, going to two Wal-marts and a K-mart. No luck was achieved on this night. It wasn’t until two days later that I stumbled onto one in a local mall. The shop, who would of guessed, was none other then Spencers. Spencers is known to be a creepy store already, so I don’t understand why we didn’t just go look there first.

“Thirty dollars? S*** I don’t have enough man” – Alex Ryken

Tad wanted to see what this thing was about to, so he fronted me three dollars so I could buy the board. After that the man bagged it and we were on our way back home.
We got back to our apartment complex and wanted to try it out straight away. A couple cigarettes later, we were ready. We proceeded to bring the board up to Jen and Theresa’s room so we could play (side note: Theresa and Jen both had previous experience with the board).
We opened it, read the instructions and were ready to get going. We sat the board on the coffee table in-front of the couch, and then proceeded to place the planchette on the board (side note: we lit candles to set the mood as-well).
We sat, and sat, and sat with our fingers on the plastic guide, but nothing seemed to happen. That is when mistake number one was made. Tad and Lucas (not in the story enough to have a side note), started saying it was stupid, and calling it pointless and a waste of money. The two comrades got fed up and left the apartment to go do something more worth wile to them.
Wouldn’t you know it? As soon as they left, it started working. We then proceeded to ask it questions and I remember one of the questions being directed towards Tad and Lucas.

“Are you mad at Tad and Lucas for what they said?” – Jen

The answer to her question was simply, and non-surprisingly, yes with no hesitation. This spirit was odd however. It seemed like it could only answer yes and no questions. When you asked it any question that was NOT a yes or no question it would just spell out N,O. it could however answer its age, and the age it gave us was 2. When we asked it how it died it told us its father was abusive and that’s how it died. And to be completely honest…our conversation with the board should have died, right there, on that cold October night.

Chapter 2: The House

Ok so picture this. Next day, new time, new place. It was the day before Halloween and everyone was excited to party it up. Jen, Theresa, and myself stayed the night at Theresa’s cousin’s house for the weekend, just to chill, drink socially, and maybe have a few laughs.
We got there and we were greeted by three dogs, Bongo, Princess, and Bull Head. Nobody liked Bull Head because he was too energetic, and I myself wasn’t a big fan of princess because she has a flat face and looks like a pug and a fur-ball had a baby. But Bongo, he was my buddy for the weekend. We played, and smoked, and he even fetched a ball when I was too tired to run around anymore. We were all tired, im not going to deny that. The life of a college kid can get pretty hard, but when that weekend comes around, it’s a relief. Anyway, we were all laying around the living room, watching some family guy movie, bored off our rockers (side note: I was actually on a recliner so I guess I can’t say I was bored off my rocker, because truly, I was very comfy).

“Let’s play with the board!” – Jen

After a little while we decided “why not” and went to set up at the kitchen table. Again we lit candles to set the mood and we began to “play”. It was quite talkative on this night, for what reason? I don’t know. And as fate would have it, we talked to the same spirit as we did the night before. Growing tired of his yes and no antics we asked to talk to somebody else. Theresa wanted to talk to her spirit guide so we let her. Zhamma, was her spirit guides name. she was crazy as hell, the planchette kept zooming all over the board. Kind of creeped out we asked to talk to someone else.

“Can I talk to my spirit guide?” – Alex Ryken

The board slid to yes and said that she would go get my spirit guide for me. We said our goodbye to this spirit and went outside to wait. Upon entering and placing our hands back on the slider the spirit controlling it started talking right away.

“Are you my spirit guide?” – Alex Ryken

It slid to yes and I asked for its name and sex. It slid to m for male and his name was AJ. Theresa thought it was weird that a spirit had a common name. But I didn’t think much of it. What happened next turned me into an instant believer. It spelled something that I didn’t quite recognize at first. “P,E,P,E” at first I thought he was being vulgar and offensive, but that wasn’t it. I asked him if it was supposed to mean something to me. It slid to yes. I sat and sounded out what it was spelling, and what I came to find was that he was spelling in Spanish. The letters P,E,P,E stood for the Spanish name PePe, and or, one of my best friends name’s that he picked for Spanish class.

“PePe? As in, Casey Nelson?” – Alex Ryken

It slid to yes again. That’s what made me believe it right then and there. I was the only one in that room that new Casey’s Spanish name. Theresa wasn’t in Spanish, and Jen didn’t go to school with us. It was only me.

“What about Casey” – Theresa

It spelled out B,A,D. we asked if something bad was going to happen and it spelled out D,A,L and then M,B. it said that both of those were abbreviated for something, but what it was, we will never know. It wouldn’t tell us directly. All it could say was the abbreviation.

“If this is real, then tell me my name in Spanish” – Alex Ryken

It proceeded to spell out Alehandro, which, I am not sure if that’s how you actually spell it, but it was damn close if it wasn’t.
After that we went to a movie (saw six TM), which was also a very good movie, probably one of the best ones yet, but anyway. We went back to the house afterwards and sat right back down to the board to talk. Right away it spelled out a message for Theresa.

“4-H” – unknown spirit

This was terribly accurate because 2 days after that night, Theresa had a 4-h meeting that she had to attend. We didn’t know the importance of it until the following night though.
It started spelling out N,B,O,C as a message to Jen, which we came to find meant “North Broadway (Yankton), Out Of College. It said something would happen but we didn’t know what.

“The only person I can think of that I hung out with on North Broadway was Lacey” – Jen

The board slid to yes, and it began telling her that she was going to end up saving Lacey’s life somehow, but it never told her exactly how it was going to happen or what date or time.
We stopped so we could go outside and then we made some pizza. We sat down to watch Family Guy, and we soon became very tired. Theresa slept upstairs on the couch and Jen and I slept downstairs in the bedroom. That night is when the weird events started happening, I remember going to bed with my shirt, pants, and socks on, and waking up without a shirt, and I only had one sock on. Then Jen told me what happened.

“I rolled over and you were leaned over the bed, and when I asked you what you were doing, you told me that you were looking for someone, but when you said the name it was all mumbled and I couldn’t understand what you had said” – Jen

I was shocked when I was told what I did in the morning. Kind of spooked but in a way I felt like “I am so into this stuff right now!” after I had heard that, I had to go outside for a little bit.

Chapter 3: House, Day Two
This day started out like any other regular old day. I woke up (as stated above) and was told the weird thing that I had done. We didn’t think much of it, I just blew it off went outside, then proceeded to eat some food.
It was Halloween and we were excited! We went to the local grocery store for candy and some other things, then returned to the house and sat around for a little bit.

“can we play with the Ouija board?” – Jen

We thought it was a good idea so we went into the other room and did the usual set up, you know, candles, dim lights, ect. We sat around the board and put our hand on the planchette (you know by now that we do this a lot). It shot to yes without anyone saying anything. What happened next was odd but we thought it was really cool. We found that not only could it answer our questions we had spoken out loud, but the board could also read our thoughts. I remember sitting and thinking of my favorite color and with nobody saying anything, it spelled out B,L,U,E. of course, like it had been for the past umpteen times, it was right.
After that we asked if it had a message for anyone, when we asked it slid to yes, and it spelled out 3,H. when asked who the message was for the board said it was for Theresa.
We sat and thought about what it could mean and eventually we learned that it meant 3 hours. But to what? We didn’t have the slightest clue.
I suppose now that I think about it, it was about 3 hours of us sitting around and doing nothing that Tad and Lucas showed up, but because they were so big in the unbeliever field, we didn’t want to play while they were there.
We sat around and I played fetch with Bongo and we watched a couple movies and Tad and Lucas decided that they needed to bring Lawson back to the apartment, so they went and right away we broke out the board again.
Again, it did the same thing as it did hours earlier. 3h and 4-H all of these were for Theresa. Then we kind of came to the conclusion that something was going to happen 3 hours after her 4-H meeting the following day. I think it was right but the information that I collected about the day does not need to be put in here, because it’s none of my business to break into people’s personal life.
So we sat and just played with the board having fun, a couple drinks and laughs. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. We though YAY trick-or-treaters but then we heard a voice.

“Hello?!” – Tad

Tad and Lucas returned to the house after bringing Lawson back home. Again we had quickly boxed up the board and put it on the table in the box.
I sat and fiddled with Tad’s camera for a little bit (side note: I really want to be a photographer), and he asked me why I had the thing. I told him that I had it in my bag from when I borrowed it to take some pictures one night and I was just fiddling this it. That’s when he saw the board on the table.
“You guys were playing Ouija and you didn’t even tell us?” – Tad
I told him we had played with it for a little bit but we had been done for a little while now. He seemed interested and wanted to open it up and watch us play. Lucas on the other hand wasn’t too thrilled with the idea, but we did it anyway.
We opened it up and did the normal set up and placed our hands on the planchette. We asked if someone was there and it slid to yes, of course. We had Tad put his hand on the planchette, just to prove to him that nobody was forcibly moving the piece. He did seem to change his thoughts on it after that. He still called the game “Bull Shit” because he said everything it told him didn’t happen, but he did say that there was defiantly nobody at the table moving the piece.
Surprisingly it was moving faster tonight then it was any other night that we had played. When asked its name, I moved to Z

“STOP!!” – Alex Ryken

Chapter 4: Alex Has A Secret…
I apologize for cutting the last chapter so short, I really do, but I thought this would be the perfect time to explain a secret I had at this time.
This chapter will be very short as well but I just have to get this out there so the people know what is going on in my point of view right now. It was Thursday night when I went onto Google and searched “Ouija Boards” and a bunch came up with “Ouija Board Demons” blah blah blah. It was when I read a description of a link that said this ZoZo spirit was very very bad. I knew from that moment we were in trouble.
I didn’t tell the others what I had seen. After all, I didn’t want to scare them, but who was this spirit, and what did he want?

The thing that was sitting there looked calm in the picture, and it looked like it was just watching as we communicated with it. Could this be ZoZo? To this day, we don’t know, but to tell you the truth…..I don’t want to know.
Chapter 5: What Comes After Z

“Why are you stopping it?” – Theresa

I told them that I had saw a link about a demon that I thought was very very bad and I didn’t want to mess with.
I knew it was a bad idea not to tell them right away about what I had found out, but then again, I thought what are the odds you know? Well as it turns out the odds seemed to be very small after we had asked for its name again.
It was very fast and rapid spelling its name. It was different than any other one of the spirits we had talked to in the past. It was quick, accurate, and his grammar was above par.
At first we thought he was cool, describing things and just having a fun time with us. When we asked it for a sign it said it could give us one. When I asked him to show me, he wouldn’t. Tad called him scared and he spelled N,O,N,O,N,O again in very rapid succession. When we asked it if it was in the room with us it said no.

“Where are you then?” – Alex Ryken

When I asked that, it slid to the moon icon. I even asked it if it was on the moon, and it said no, we then asked if it meant outside and it slid to yes.
Tad immediately turned with his camera and took a picture of the sliding door that lead to the outside area. The board then proceeded to spell out the following.
We all looked at each other and we didn’t know what to do. We decided we should go outside for a little bit to get some fresh air.
We went back inside and began talking to it again. It seemed angry. We asked it if it was mad and it slid to yes. It turns out that it was angry at Tad, for calling it out, it said it was angry and it wanted to hurt him. When we asked if it was mad at Jen or I it said No but when we asked about Theresa it said yes. We asked why, and all it spelled was S,L,U,T.
Now again, do to my policy, I promised that I would disclose super personal information that the board told us, unless the person was ok with it. So in this case I am not going to say why it called her a slut, but it did.
After it was done calling out Theresa and just being mean and nasty, it stated that it wanted to have “Sexual relations” with her. When she refused it became angry again, and the board said it wanted to K,I,L,L her.
Tad kept calling the demon out saying it was a “pussy” and was “scared” but he didn’t like that very much. ZoZo then spelled out 4-H and we realized that it was him we were talking to for the past two days. What it had really meant, and what he came to admit to us on that night, was that he was going to kill Theresa and Tad when we were driving back to our hometown that following Sunday.

“How will you kill them??” – Alex Ryken

It spelled out C,A,R and we said “car accident?”. But, that didn’t make sense to me because I would be in the car to, and so would Jen. But it said the way the accident would happen we would be unphased by the crash.
The whole time this conversation with ZoZo was happening, Lucas was walking around taking pictures with Tads camera. He took several and I remember him sitting on the steps staring at the screen for a long time.

“Well that just doesn’t make any sense at all..” – Lucas

I got up and asked him what he meant and he told me to come look at the picture he had caught and was staring at for so long.

“ok look, theres me in front of the screen, im in front of Tad, ur to the right of tad, not even in the picture. Jen is looking at the camera, and Theresa is wearing her hoodie right beside me here…but…who the hell is that?” – Lucas
I saw what he meant, I looked and examined, trying any way I possibly could so I could debunk it. But honestly, there was just NO way of doing it. There WAS someone sitting in that chair, that was not with us originally.

Chapter 6: Is Anybody There?

We decided holding off on the board would be best for a while. So we went on to live a few days as normal college kids. Having fun, playing video games, watching movies, ect.
We played it on that Sunday that we got back from the 4-H meeting and then we held off until Thursday. Just kind of forgot about everything and just lived life as if it was possible to forget that chilling name. was I the only one who thought about it that whole week? I don’t know, I am to afraid to ask.
Thursday rolled around, and personally, I HATE Thursdays. My classes are so ridiculous, but to my luck, the teacher wasn’t there, so I could sleep in.
We hung out the whole day, Theresa was in class, Jen slept, and I played Video games, it was a normal day, and I wish that’s how I could have left it.

“Can we play with the Ouija Board Tonight?” – Jen

Theresa and myself agreed so we did the same ole set up and lit the candles and sat at the table. Again, it was ZoZo. What was odd about this time was that he wouldn’t let us ask questions. He was, for once, asking us the questions.
He asked us if we were there, and how we were doing, crazy little stuff like that.

“He’s asking us the questions now. This is NOT good” – Alex Ryken

I had read something the previous night on Google that said it wasn’t a good sign when Ouija spirits started asking you things. The post said that eventually some spirits will grow tired of your questions and eventually start asking you the questions, and now, it was happening.
Soon enough, the board started calling Theresa nasty names and being very vulgar with her. It asked for “Sexual Favors” and wanted her to sit on the bed. She wanted to see what would happen, because ZoZo said he wanted to “Hold Her Hand”. She proceeded to sit down on the bed. She then held her hand out and claimed that a pressure was pushing down on it, like someone was actually…holding it.
Theresa requested that Jen come and sit on the couch with her because she was kind of creeped out. Jen when to sit on the bed with her and they continued to talk to the board. Again, it requested “Sexual Favors” from Theresa, and when she refused, it started calling her nasty vulgar names once more.
After the name calling was done, Theresa jumped and held her leg.

“It felt like something stabbed me” – Theresa

I didn’t know whether to believe her or not, but then it happened again twice and we pushed it to good bye.
We just wanted to get out of the apartment for a while, so we got ready to leave, and Theresa went to the bathroom. As soon as she got out of the bathroom she came to the kitchen to show us what happened. On her leg, there were three puncture marks on her leg, in a triangle shape, almost like the shape of the planchette.
We booked it, got in the car and just went out for a drive. We drove around the city, went to Wal-Mart, and drove some more. Personally I just didn’t want to go back. There was something fishy going on, and we would soon find out what it was.
We decided to go back, not to play with the board, but to just hang out. We got back and I sat down to look up random things on the internet. It didn’t last long however because it wasn’t too long before I heard the fateful phrase that I had heard so many times before.

“I kind of want to play with the board again” – Theresa

I was uncomfortable with it but I accepted, and I grabbed my camera to record the events. It was dark now which made me even more uncomfortable.
We put our hands on the planchette and it immediately took off all over the board Z,O,Z,O,Z,O,Z,O
Unsurprising to me, it again asked Theresa for “Sexual Favors” and she refused and the board grew angry. It asked Theresa to “come with me” which we didn’t know what it meant.
“Come with you were?” – Theresa
“P,A,R,A,D,I,C,E” – ZoZo
We did look up what paradise meant on the internet, and when people said ZoZo was involved, it meant hell. I said no and again it grew very mad. It spelled out A,L,E,X,G,O,A,W,A,Y so I said screw it and I let go of the board. When I put my hand on, the planchette seemed impossible to move. It was almost like someone glued it to the board with super glue. I lifted my hand off again and it took off at super speed.
I was personally thinking whatever, so I went to make some food, because I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Next thing you know, Jen asks for a sign, and it spells no.

“Theresa it only answers when you talk to it, ask it for a sign” – Jen

This is what destroyed my faith. Theresa asked it and it said yes. Jen out of nowhere said that she felt something like, grab on to the back of her neck. Theresa came out and said she felt the same thing. Next thing you know Jen said she had a bad Headache and Theresa agreed to that to. Why? There was no reason for either of them to feel that way, or so I thought. Theresa went blank. She just stared and she wouldn’t blink and they both said they felt very heavy. Me, watching from the kitchen, ran over to the board yelled goodbye and threw the board across the room. Both of them laid down and wouldn’t move.

“We are getting the fuck out of here, NOW” – Alex Ryken

I grabbed Jen by the arm and yanked her up off the bed and we both helped Theresa up. She was still just staring. We walked out of the room, me in a hurry, and Theresa walked slow, complaining that someone was grabbing her neck.
We got to the elevator and I sat back against the wall. Theresa started clenching in pain, and every once in a while she would twitch her hands. What was happening? Could this be….Possession?
We got to my car and got everyone in. We took off out of the parking lot and Theresa started bawling in pain, crying out for help. I didn’t know what I could do; there was nothing in my power to stop it. Jen was fine for the moment and comforted Theresa.

“Alex do you have an ashtray?” – Theresa

I stopped in confusion. I was thinking, what you mean do I have an ashtray. She held up a cigarette and I asked if she was ok? She seemed confused, and she responded with yes I am fine. She then proceeded to tell us she didn’t really remember anything that happened, but she remembered the last thing the board said before I said goodbye. It was “Do you feel me?”.
We drove for a while and then it was Jen that started acting different. She sat in the passenger seat and didn’t move or say much. All she said was that she could not move. I didn’t know what to do so I pulled over and got out of the car for some air. I got back in and we drove back to the apartment. A little while earlier both of them said they wanted to try it again, and all I could say was no.
We got back and got into Theresa’s car to go to Hyvee. Tad and Theresa went inside and I sat in the car with Jen and asked her what had happened.

“I don’t know what happened, all I know is that it felt like someone was holding me back in my chair.” – Jen

Tad and Theresa came back and we went back to the apartment. When we got back I sat down at my computer and was just messing around on Facebook and Theresa said “Lets just do it one more time”. I said no, and I said that if Jen touched it I would leave the apartment and I wouldn’t come back up there. Finally Theresa sent me on a guilt trip and we gave in to play, One Last Time…
We put our hands on the planchette and right away it told me to go away, which let me to believe that maybe I had a stronger power over the board, but I was wrong.
We asked it if it liked fire, and it said no, Tad and I had the same idea. Tad lit a lighter on the right side of the board and the planchette moved to the left. I proceeded to light one on the left and it shot to the middle. We laughed at its helpless expense, and then something strange happened. It started going towards the fire. It practically followed the fire off of the board, just to prove us that we were wrong about its fear.
It then got into explaining that it knew Theresa’s grandpa and it spelled out U,N,O which we thought meant You Know, but it actually meant Uno, which was her grandpa’s favorite game. She asked it what card and it spelled out 6,R,E,D and then she asked what is the next card and it spelled 9,B,L,U,E,U,N,O. 9 blue, Uno. I was scared but at the same time I felt peace, because Theresa could actually talk to her grandfather. Then it shot fast to Z,O,Z,O. she stared again and it asked if Theresa wanted to go with him and her grandpa, she nodded, and then it asked if she was ready and she said yes in a very monotone voice. This is the point where I got up and threw the board again, Theresa just laid down on the bed in a heap of helplessness. Tad and I got her up and decided to go for another drive. We went outside and she smoked her cigarette claiming her chest was killing her and she started to cry. Tad went on to tell her not to worry and that we would go get some holy water as a joke, but when he said holy water she started hyperventilating. When we tried to walk back into the apartment she said she didn’t want to go back, because he was after her. We went to Tad and my room so we could get his keys and she looked terrible, crying and freaking out she proceeded to ask Jen if she was going to be ok. Jen said she would and we left.
This time I sat in front with Tad, and Jen sat in back with Theresa. Theresa said she was so scared and seemed to pass out on Jens lap. We went to a lookout that looks over the whole city almost and when we got there she snapped out of it and didn’t know where we were or what was going on at all. We just told her that the whole time she was under this spell that she was a real mean person, and she freaked out a lot.
She didn’t remember a thing.
We got back to the apartment about forty five minutes later and she wanted to go to bed, so we got back up to the apartment and she refused to sleep in her room, so she brought her pillow and blanket out to the living room and just laid there. Jen slept on the bed in the living room so Theresa could get to sleep and I sat up until 3 am and began writing this book. Theresa kept jumping and claiming to see things and was afraid in the fullest aspect, but I didn’t know what to do.
At 3:30 am I decided to go to bed, so I woke Jen up and we went to bed. It was probably about 4 am when I heard her talking in her sleep. It wasn’t out of the normal for her to talk in her sleep, but she was mumbling. I asked her what she had said and she didn’t answer, so I waited about 10 seconds and I asked her again. Still, she didn’t answer so I rolled over and there she was, leaned on her side propping herself up, staring at me with a ghostly look in her face. I backed up and yelled what the fuck and she slammed her head into her hands and started hyperventilating, and crying. I asked her what was wrong and she kept asking me what she did wrong. I told her nothing, and we tried to go back to sleep.

Chapter 7: It’s over, or is it?

I woke up the following morning and it seemed different. Both Theresa and Jen were acting weird; it was like they were in zombie mode. They both said that they felt like they were heavy and they could feel a presence in the room with them.
There was nothing I could do to help, nothing would do any good. Jen was laying in bed and said something that really scared me. Do to my personal policy, I am not going to repeat what she said but I couldn’t handle it. I got up and ran to the bathroom and I remember rocking back and forth and making the sign of the cross on my chest. God never came to save them, there was a possession in the works and I didn’t know how to stop it.
Jen kind of snapped out of it and came into the bathroom. Keep this in mind; I have never had a nose bleed before. She walked in and asked me why my nose was bleeding. I didn’t know what to say. My nose has never bled before.
I had to leave, my grandma was sick and I needed to do things for her around the house. I left Sioux Falls and was headed back to my hometown. There was something different about this trip though. I had the board with me, and the whole time I felt like I had a passenger with me.
I made it a promise to everyone that I would get rid of the board, it needed to go. So I got about 5 miles out of my own town, and pulled up to a bridge over a river. I grabbed the box and got out of the car. There was something holding my hands though. I was standing over the water, with all intentions to throw it, but it felt like it was holding on to me.
I finally let go, I didn’t want to see it anymore and I threw it and just watched, it felt like I had lost a friend, but I knew that was far from what it was.
I got back into my car sat back and got ready to drive away, when all of the sudden I got a text from Jen

“Its gone…Is It?” – Jen

It was completely surprising and I didn’t know what to say it was like she knew exactly when I had thrown it, and the presence that was there with her the whole time was just, gone.
When she looked back she said she didn’t even remember sending me that text. All I know is that after what I have seen, I will NEVER touch a Ouija Board ever again. It is not a toy; it is a gateway to evil.
As I read the text from Jen that said it was gone, I had a funny feeling. I got back out of my car, walked over to the bridge, pulled out my lighter, and I watched the board float away, until it was out of sight. I walked back to my car and drove off, and I will never be the same again.

Please Head This Warning And NEVER Touch This Gateway To Evil. It Is Not A Game, It Is Hell In A Box.